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I am a native of Durham, North Carolina and Vocalist Soprano. I have been singing for 20 years in general, but professionally since age 24 with local cover bands. I joined #Epitome because not only have I known the members of the band for quite sometime, but I also believe in the vision and what this band stands for. Being apart of this band is like a family, something we all need. The EPITOME of a great band is what we give YOU "High demand and pure harmony perfection at its best!"


Kinetra "Kim" Dixon

Originally from Jacksonville, FL but have lived in Durham, NC for 32 years. I am a vocalist with the band. Singing for over 30 years. I helped found #Epitome because I wanted to sing popular music with a positive and well-tuned group of musicians. The EPITOME of a perfect band is an  awesome display of musicianship regardless of the instrument being used. My musical concentration has been with acapella gospel ensembles; however, I've performed Inspirational, Pop, and R&B with various artists and bands since 2009.

Born and raised in Durham, NC. I am a vocalist with the band and I have been singing for over 20 years. I am a managing member of #Epitome where I focus on choreography. I joined #Epitome because I love entertaining! With my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography, I not only sing, but I also choreograph for the dynamic members of #Epitome. The EPITOME of a perfect band is where voice, instrument and movement blend together electrifying any audience!

Whitney Lawrence

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